learning through partnerships

opportunities through enterprise 



we believe in the power of enterprise to support village development 




look for villages with opportunity and energy for longterm change


support the connection between the change makers in our partner villages and the local organisations who can best up skill them to build their business and a resilient community 

Be patient 

understand the long term nature of the work that we do so we are prepared to dig in for the decade


School Tuckshop Program Trial

Where: Makai Khola Village, Kaski Region, Nepal

What: The Janakalyan School Tuckshop Program in Makai Khola village is providing lunch and hygiene education five days a week for approximately 63 children in Classes 1-11 at Janakalyan School. 

The program is aimed at improving both the attendance rates and engagement of the schools students, as well as providing a nutritional meal, with a particular focus on the Damai students who are of the lower caste in the area. 


  1. Increase student attendance and engagement
  2. Provide a healthy meal for students, particularly Damai students
  3. Encourage parent participation in their child’s education, as well as teacher/parent dialogue

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ghiling apple orchard

Where: Ghiling Village, Mustang Region, Nepal

What: Upside is working with Maitri Ratna Nepal and the locals of Ghiling Village to transform 8 hectares of unused community land into a profitable apple orchard. 

The profits generated from the orchard will completely fund the local school and boarding house and eventually develop a tertiary education scholarship fund for the children of Ghiling to complete further study.


  1. Provide funds for the school to be self-sustaining and no longer rely on international funding
  2. Reignite the local economy - The transporting of such a large volume of apples every year will create opportunities for trade through out the remote Mustang region
  3. Provide an example in the area for other initiatives to start up and benefit the greater community

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ghiling school boarding house

Where: Ghiling Village, Musang Region, Nepal

When: Construction was completed in 2012

What: Upside's first mountain venture and first completed project, Milestone in Mustang, involved the construction of a new boarding house for the kids of Ghiling; a remote village within the Mustang region of Nepal.

Completed with the help of our local partner, Mairti Ratna, the building allows children from surrounding villages access to the best school in the region as well as a clean, warm place to live with all the nourishing food they can eat.

In a matter of years, the running costs of this boarding house (and the rest of the school and kindergarten) will be funded by Upside's Action Apples project located within the same village.


  1. Provide a safe and warm place for students to live whilst studying at Ghiling School.
  2. Become self sustainable over the course of the years with funds from the Action Apple project. 
  3. Help prevent forced migration of the village people to urban areas where poverty may await them. 

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To sustain the work in Nepal, Upside has established a network of generous, active supporters in Australia, who volunteer expertise and share a commitment to Upside’s way of working. 



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