forage cookbook

At Upside, we firmly believe in the power of social enterprise to support our work in Nepal and plan on becoming a financially self-sustaining organisation within the next five years.

Upside is determined to set a good example for our own generation living within Australia. Our aim is to encourage Australians everywhere to share their good fortune and wonderful quality of life with those less fortunate than us. We stand by the belief that the advancement of one community will enrich another, and strive for change in Nepal as well as change in Australia.

We are slowly becoming less reliant on traditional fundraising models and generating more and more revenue through social enterprise. As part of this journey, we launched our first social enterprise project - “Forage” - in November 2012. Forage: A Culinary Journey through Western Australia; brings together recipes, stories and beautiful imagery from chefs, producers and food folks from across Western Australia. Profits raised from the sale of the book went directly back to Upside Nepal.

And now we are excited to announce the launch of our next project; Forage Victoria. Following the same principles of the first Forage cookbook, Forage Victoria tracks the journey from producer to cook to diner. It features some of Victoria’s highest quality producers from farmers of organic vegetables to ethically raised pigs, from impeccably cultured butter in the mountains to wild herbs foraged by the creeks of Melbourne. This incredible produce finds its way into the 120+ recipes in the book, running the full gamut from fine dining restaurants (Circa The Prince, The Lake House, Moon Under Water) to casual eateries (St Ali, Pho Nom, Auction Rooms).

Forage celebrates the connection between where our food comes from and how it arrives on our plate through the contribution of this gifted and passionate food community.

Forage is not only about sharing good food, it is so much more; a social business. By sharing in the bounty of Victoria, we can help cultivate thriving business and community where it is needed most.